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ECS CompleX:30mg Capsules have a unique formula that allows for maximum CBD benefits. Combination of CBD, CBG, and cacao extract provide a long-lasting effect and high bioavailability. CBD has a great effect on endocannabinoid system, when CBD is bound to CB2 receptors, a tendency of cells to perform various activities like secreting protective enzymes & generating defense cells increases. CBD is thus a pleiotropic compound producing an array of effects through multiple molecular pathways. This is due to CBD’s unique ability to be both an agonist and an antagonist; the role it plays is dependent upon the neurotransmitter… CBD influences the ECS by attaching to certain receptors to produce a wide range of effects and wellness components throughout the body. Learn all about the effects high quality CBD oil has on the ECS. There is much to learn and understand how it can potentially benefit your health here. As mentioned, CBD interacts with the ECS and facilitates in increasing the body’s natural hormones to restore balance mentally and physically. Learn more about the endocannabinoid system including how it interacts with cannabinoids to help produce cannabis effects and its role in our bodies.

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Annual Report 2018. 5.55 MB; Download; Annual Report 2017